Tuesday, November 10, 2009

This weekend will definitely make the list of Top 5 Best Weekends Of My Whole Life. And it was all made possible by my dearest, darlingest biffels. (Biffel= BFFL= Best Friends Fo LIFE). And I have to decided to compose an e-tribute mah gurlfrens, the ladies who made this all possible.
I've never been what you might call a socialite. It might be more fitting to just call me a nerd. In high school on any given weekend night I could be found in one of a two places: 
1. Playing cards and watching America's Funniest Home Videos with my fambly.
2. Great Scott's and/or Chipotle, followed by an evening of mischief with ma' girls. 
It all started with Danica. Back in 7th grade, when we were both fat and weird, our mothers decided to set us up. Yes, this is the true. We were both so socially retarded that at the age of 13, our mothers were still setting us up on playdates. As described by my mother, we were both "so spunky." ...aka awkward and chubby. But we were awkward and chubby together. We spent many a summer afternoon walking to Taco Bell, and taking a break on the way back because that hill was KILLER and our tubby little legs just could not handle it. As years went by, our escapades changed from days swimming at the Bay and sliding down hills in cardboard boxes, to sneaking out of the house to go streaking and prank phone calling all of the boys we loved. Danica is exactly the best friend I always needed. Always full of energy and laughs, she is just the kind of crazy that life would be so boring without. Never a dull moment with Danica Janez around.
As was established, when we moved to Colorado, I was not one with the popularity. Cue Rachel. My mom invited her over to help me babysit one time, and from the beginning, I knew she was way cooler than me. I've always been intimidated by Rachel, but in a way that makes me want to step up my game and be more like her. I knew after sliding down the mattresses on my stairs, we were going to be friends. Even after she got her arm stuck in the spindle, she stuck around. Through girls camp, mutual, and a little bit of fate, Danica, Rachel and I all started to become friends. Rachel is the girl that you want to hate. She is gorgeous, talented, smart, funny- everyone loves her! But she is the most down-to-earth and genuine person. Impossible to hate. I hate that about her! :)
Deelinda. It is weird to call her Deelinda, because for years now, we have known her exclusively as D-face (one of Rachel's best contributions to the posse is nicknames). For years, I was friends with Danica, and friends with Deelinda, but never friends with Danica and Deelinda. I sometimes have a hard time believing that these two are twins; they hardly seem from the same planet at times. Eventually the twins tolerated each other, and I would invite D-face to accompany our various adventures. And D-face slowly attained her position as an invaluable member of our quatro. As I browsed all of these pictures, I noticed that while D-face was present for all of the events, she isn't in any of the pictures. D-face is behind the scenes. She prefers to listen than to talk, but when she talks, she's hilarious and bright. She's content to take the pictures, but looks gorgeous in them. She has a quiet confidence; not feeling the need to show off and be the center of attention. Our group desperately needs this, seeing as the rest of us are outrageously obnoxious. 

The 4 of us could not be more different. Danica and Rachel are fiercely competitive and athletic, while my sport of choice is jogging very slowly with no one around to laugh at me. Deelinda loves to dance, and dances very well, and the rest of us flail around in a seizure-like fashion, roughly to the beat of the music. I am near OCD in my anal retentive organizational habits, and the rest are easing going, and content to go with the flow. Deelinda and Rachel are sultry brunettes, Danica and I are bubbly blondes. Deelinda's in to musicals, Danica's in to the top 10. Rachel's in to fashion, I am in to sweatpants. By all accounts, our friendship does not make sense. But we have one thing in common: We love to eat. Ok we have two things in common: We love to eat, and we love to laugh. 
And we think we're hilarious. Even when no one else does. 
Without further ado, here's to 8 fabulous years of laughing and fighting, eating and dieting (not), singing and dancing, sneaking out and streaking, more laughing, more eating, and the best friends I will ever have.

Mature beyond our years, our high school nights often involved taking fake drunk pics while our parents were out of town, and TP'ing every boy we've ever had a crush on. Always an adventure in the shaggin wagon.
Singing and dancing are integral parts of our friendship. Many a music video have been made in that basement, and there's nothing I love more than dirty dance moves and rap music at 2:30 in the morning on a Friday night. She want that lovey dovey... kiss kiss...We dance in the street to Chris Brown, in the kitchen to N'Sync, and in the car to some Britney. We sing "All I Want for Christmas is You" until we are hoarse. We also sing that one weird song that Rachel and Angela made up about 10 years ago and I still know every word to. 

Eating and taking pictures. A must for any biffel reunion. I have to say that for average sized and skinny girls, we sure can eat. Each and every one of us can comfortably finish a Chipotle, and head on over to Great Scott's to chase it down with an Oreo Hot Fudge milkshake. Maybe it's the sexy waiters there that really get our appetites up. So many acne scarred and pot bellied waiters, so little time... Countless hours have been spent around the Reichman table, eating Mama Reichman's snacks she always so lovingly served us. I think we owe a lot of our friendship to my dear sweet Mama. Not only is she responsible for getting this whole ball rolling, she has always been there to supply food, hugs, and an empty house for countless 'povers.

In 6 long/short months, I will be journeying off into that terrifying land of marriage. I am so excited to be marrying the man of my dreams, and starting our adventure together, but a part of me is heartbroken at the thought of leaving my best friends behind. I don't know who I'd be without them to shape me. From Danica I learned how to be outgoing, how to laugh, and how to really enjoy life. From Deelinda I learned how to listen and how to be a true friend, through thick and thin. From Rachel I learned how to be assertive and confident, and still be friendly and warm. We each bring such different cards to the table, but thanks to having them in my life, I think I've emerged with a little piece of each of them. After 8 years of trying to figure out who we were, I think we all found the best in each other. 

Here's to my Biffels. 
Best Friends for Life. 
That's a promise.