Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Making lists makes me happy.

I am a little bit OCD. Ok, I am a lot OCD. And I make lists about everything. What I need to do today. What I want to do today. What I want to do this week. What I need to buy at the store. What I want to cook in college. This is my most recent list obsession. I have spent the last week trying to come up with things that I am capable of cooking for myself while out at school. I've been on my own at school for 2 years, mostly successfully, but have thus far survived by eating PB&J, canned soup, and hot pockets almost exclusively. I have recently realized that I would enjoy living past the age of 25, and my current dietary habits are not in agreement with this. So, loyal readers (mom), any suggestions for meals that are relatively quick and healthy? Keep in mind that I have the cooking expertise of a 7 year old boy. My roommate last year was mildly horrified at my remedial cooking skills- I had to ask my mom how to boil an egg. The shame. I do not have a domestic bone in my body, but I am trying desperately to hone the skills that will some day enable me to stop calling my mom everytime I cook. So. This is my mission:
1. Cook twice a week. (I know that sounds like nothing, but it is huge compared to my previous habit of cooking biannually)
2. Not get food poisoning from my homemade meals.
3. Not get fat from my culinary creations.

Any ideas?

Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Desperate times call for desperate measures.

I feel your pain, bud. Working at my dad's office has its perks: Great pay, great boss, unlimited gumballs from the gumball machine... But it also has a major draw back: Being alone in the office some days, with only the occassional ringing of the phone to keep me company. To amuse myself, I've resorted to getting insanely good at Solitaire, stalking everyone I've ever met on facebook, shopping online (which is really counterproductive, since I'm here to make money...) and recently taking Mavis Beacon typing classes online. But since I got my surgery on my wrist, my words per minute is pitifully low, and this was very frustrating, since I was getting wicked fast. We are talking 115 WPM, people. It's alright to be intimidated, everyone is. So I've decided today's activity is to make a blog. Thinking up a title alone took me a solid 20 minutes, so we're well on our way to entertaining myself all day. Who knows if I will actually continue to write in this thing, or if anyone will read it besides me, and possibly my mom. It's all worth it, because at the end of the day, today is one more day that I didn't actually go insane from boredom. So thank you, internet.

This blogs number one reason for existence is to keep me out of the insane asylum. Number two goal for this blog would be document all of the things, little and big, that are just great about life in general, and specifically my life. Some of these are obvious, my family, friends, etc. My family is the greatest, hands down. I know your family might be great, but you guys are just gonna have to settle for the number 2 slot on best families ever. (I really want to add a picture here, but for the life of me, I can not figure out how.)

And some things are not so obvious. Like today, I felt compelled to share with all you loyal readers (read: me and my mom), the joy of the fruit flavored tootsie rolls. Why are these not around more? I found some this morning, and my day went automatically from like a 7 to a 9. Solid. They taste nostalgic. One bite and I am brought back to childhood, and getting the vanilla tootsie rolls from old people at church. Maybe they don't even taste that good, but the memories are delicious.