Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Who could not be happy at the happiest place on earth? The majority of the children there, that's who. Now don't get me wrong, I saw several children light up at the magic that is Disneyland, but I also saw an equal if not greater proportion of children screaming bloody murder and throwing massive tantrums. There is another tally for my list of "Things that are meant for children but are actually way more fun without them." This includes: the zoo, Mario Kart, several board games, Easter Egg Hunts, decorating sugar cookies, and Disneyland. Someday I am sure I will experience the delight of watching my own children partake in all of these events, but as for now I am thoroughly enjoying all of these activities with little to no crying involved. It depends on if we invite Matt or not. Zing! 


Disneyland was a pure delight. It was Katie's birthday slash 1-year wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate and have a romantic vacation than to invite ME! And Matt, and also one of Todd's friends. And by pure coincidence, that cute fiancé of mine(yes I just like to say fiancé) was in L.A. for the weekend, and he got to drop by for a couple days of Disneyland-ing! I really want to add all kinds of pictures to this thing, but every time I try I get some stinkin error message. So the only logical solution is for my loyal readers to imagine all of us there at Disneyland, loving life. It is probably better this way, since I can't take a photo without closing my eyes and/or gaining 250 lbs. 

Moving on. The whole reason I am writing this post because I haven't left my apartment in the last 72 hours. As a lovely parting souvenir, Disneyland gifted me the worst cold/flu/nightmare of my life. I would like to thank whatever germy person went to Disneyland and touched everything on purpose to make sure I would come home sick. After 4 whole days of sleeping, coughing my bloody lungs out, sweating profusely while sitting in front of my fan, and basically every other symptom that none of you people want to hear about, I think I am finally on the mends. I am a really healthy person, and very rarely get sick.. So when I get sick, rather than feel blessed for how lucky I am to enjoy such great health the vast majority of the time, I choose to lay around the house and whine melodramatically about how I can't even remember what it's like to feel healthy. But for this entire illness, my family has been off galavanting about Europe, picking up my brother from his mission. Um I know he's been gone for 2 years and you're excited and all, but where is my sympathetic coo-ing and get well card? Sheesh. This has left poor Cary to deal with me on the phone every night, boo-hooing about how I am STILL not better. He deserves a medal. Or at least a blog-thank you. Thanks future hubby! I bet now you're soooo excited for when I'm pregnant. I'm just gonna be so peppy and fun. :)

Oh, I'm mostly kidding. I am  SO excited to see Brent in a week. I am a little jealous that my family is over there with him now, but mostly I am just so beyond excited for Brent, and for my family that they are having such a great reunion.

The bottom line is. I live a pretty charmed life. And even though this dumb illness kicked my butt, the weekend at Disney was so worth it. And I can't wait to see Brent in a week!

And because I want another picture and for some reason this is the only other one that will download,  please enjoy this strange photo of Wilson and me, where you should take note of Matt's scary face between us.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

WARNING: Cliche and mushy blog post to follow, read at your own risk.

You know what makes me REALLY happy???
I thought while the memory was fresh in my mind, I would do a little blogging and fill in all of my loyal readers (Hi Mom!) of the spectacular events that unfolded this weekend. And lest you think I just bought myself a ring and put it on in the above picture, here is unfortunately about the only picture we took the whole weekend, where let's face it, we both look slightly handicapped. But I have a ring, and we are both smiling, so there is proof. Well, I think Cary is smiling. I will tell myself he is smiling.
So basically as we spoke on the phone that week, I made sure to drop extremely subtle hints that I knew he was being sneaky about something shiny. Ok maybe saying, "Are you proposing this weekend, because I need to get my nails done." is not that subtle, but I like to get to the point. Moving on. Miraculously, the boy turned into an excellent liar around this time, and fully convinced me that he was not proposing this weekend. He convinced me that he hadn't seen my dad, that he had other plans, and other means of trickery. So after pouting for a good long while about getting my hopes up, I moved on and dismissed it all as me getting over anxious about getting some bling bling up in here.

So Thursday rolls around, and I pick up the then boyfriend at the Airport. It is important to note that I wanted to search his bags for the ring the whole time he was here, just to ensure that he had not indeed been pulling my leg on the phone, but I was fairly certain that he had been telling the truth. So I just put on my big girl panties and embraced the fact that this weekend was not the one! We had a fabulous thursday night, that involved amazing rice crispy treats and falling asleep during a movie, which is like my favorite way to fall asleep.

Ok let's just get to the proposal alright? So. Friday night. We are supposed to go on a double date, but it falls through. So we decide to go to the duck pond! I have a strange love of ducks, and feeding them, and the BYU duck pond has so many ducks and I just want to take one home with me and be its Mama. So we fed the ducks and it was precious and so BYU. Yes I am about to tell you that I got proposed to at the Duck Pond. So we go on a walk, nearly step on a couple getting it on in the grass, weird, and settle on a bench that's all nestled in the trees. We're talking, the usual stuff, and Wilson goes into this speech about how great I am. Of course I'm sitting there just soaking up all the warm fuzzies, and in my head I'm just thinking, "Gosh dang it, I want him to propose. Right now. This is perfect. And I am wearing a new sweater, so basically right about now would be so great." And then, Cary looks at me and says, "Amy, I told you a dirty rotten lie." And I was like, "YES!" In my head, not out loud. And the next thing I know, he's down on one knee, with this gorgeous ring box open, with the most amazing ring on the inside. I think he possibly asked me to marry him at this point, but I was too busy screaming and clapping and crying and being a huge girl about the whole thing. He put the ring on my finger and we spent the next few hours staring at the ring, calling relatives, calling each other "fiancé", testing out my future name- Amy Reeves- and loving life. And this was accompanied by random outbursts of shrieking with joy and jumping up and down. That Cary can just be so emotional. Ha. Of course I was the one going nuts.

So I am marrying Cary Wilson Reeves and could not be happier about it! He is an excellent candidate for marriage for several reasons, but the top 5 would have to be:

1. Last name choice. Do to extreme laziness, my signature has slowly degenerated and now consists of an A with some squiggles and an Re with some squiggles. I don't even have to change my signature when I get married. Mark that in the pros section.
2. Our families live a mile away from each other, and love each other. Our mothers are possibly more excited than we are. This is amazing.
3. We both share a really ridiculous amount of love for Chick-Fil-A, the zoo, puppies, going on walks, speed scrabble, museums, and an assortment of other really dorky activities. We are great and not nerdy at all.
4. He likes me equally when I'm dressed up and when I'm in jeans and a sweatshirt. Which is good because I spend way too much time in such attire.
5. Cary Wilson Reeves is the most incredible man on the planet and I can't figure out how in the world I got so lucky. He is wicked smart, charming, funny, outgoing, friendly, loving, loyal, adorable, driven, successful, sexy, strong, playful, motivated, and he has excellent taste in women.
5 and 1/2. Our children will be adorable.

Basically, in the words of Buddy the Elf, I'm in love, I'm in love, I'm in love, and I don't care who knows it!

If you read this whole thing, I will give you a high five and probably advise you to find a hobby.