Thursday, October 15, 2009

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Who could not be happy at the happiest place on earth? The majority of the children there, that's who. Now don't get me wrong, I saw several children light up at the magic that is Disneyland, but I also saw an equal if not greater proportion of children screaming bloody murder and throwing massive tantrums. There is another tally for my list of "Things that are meant for children but are actually way more fun without them." This includes: the zoo, Mario Kart, several board games, Easter Egg Hunts, decorating sugar cookies, and Disneyland. Someday I am sure I will experience the delight of watching my own children partake in all of these events, but as for now I am thoroughly enjoying all of these activities with little to no crying involved. It depends on if we invite Matt or not. Zing! 


Disneyland was a pure delight. It was Katie's birthday slash 1-year wedding anniversary, and what better way to celebrate and have a romantic vacation than to invite ME! And Matt, and also one of Todd's friends. And by pure coincidence, that cute fiancé of mine(yes I just like to say fiancé) was in L.A. for the weekend, and he got to drop by for a couple days of Disneyland-ing! I really want to add all kinds of pictures to this thing, but every time I try I get some stinkin error message. So the only logical solution is for my loyal readers to imagine all of us there at Disneyland, loving life. It is probably better this way, since I can't take a photo without closing my eyes and/or gaining 250 lbs. 

Moving on. The whole reason I am writing this post because I haven't left my apartment in the last 72 hours. As a lovely parting souvenir, Disneyland gifted me the worst cold/flu/nightmare of my life. I would like to thank whatever germy person went to Disneyland and touched everything on purpose to make sure I would come home sick. After 4 whole days of sleeping, coughing my bloody lungs out, sweating profusely while sitting in front of my fan, and basically every other symptom that none of you people want to hear about, I think I am finally on the mends. I am a really healthy person, and very rarely get sick.. So when I get sick, rather than feel blessed for how lucky I am to enjoy such great health the vast majority of the time, I choose to lay around the house and whine melodramatically about how I can't even remember what it's like to feel healthy. But for this entire illness, my family has been off galavanting about Europe, picking up my brother from his mission. Um I know he's been gone for 2 years and you're excited and all, but where is my sympathetic coo-ing and get well card? Sheesh. This has left poor Cary to deal with me on the phone every night, boo-hooing about how I am STILL not better. He deserves a medal. Or at least a blog-thank you. Thanks future hubby! I bet now you're soooo excited for when I'm pregnant. I'm just gonna be so peppy and fun. :)

Oh, I'm mostly kidding. I am  SO excited to see Brent in a week. I am a little jealous that my family is over there with him now, but mostly I am just so beyond excited for Brent, and for my family that they are having such a great reunion.

The bottom line is. I live a pretty charmed life. And even though this dumb illness kicked my butt, the weekend at Disney was so worth it. And I can't wait to see Brent in a week!

And because I want another picture and for some reason this is the only other one that will download,  please enjoy this strange photo of Wilson and me, where you should take note of Matt's scary face between us.

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  1. hahha i cant wait to hear about your pregnant. =))