Monday, September 21, 2009

Weekends, I prefer the weekends!

Has anyone else seen that SNL skit where Garth Brooks sells his soul to the Devil for a hit song? Oh it is brilliant. Mondays, boy I hate Mondays, they make me so steamed.. Weekends, talkin bout the weekends! If you haven't seen that skit you are probably thinking I am on drugs at this point. Meh. The point is, I am a big time fan of the weekends lately. They've been treating me very nicely. I am the worst picture taker ever, so I have very little photo evidence of the charming life I lead, but here are the few pictures and tidbits of why my life is excellent.

1. Going to the zoo with the boyfriend. It was so awesome! I am kind of, ok a lot, OCD and when I go to the zoo I want to make sure I plan my route so that I can maximize the exhibits I see, while minimizing the time wandering around trying to figure out where all the cool stuff is. Usually when I go to the zoo, the company I'm with consists of children who for some reason don't want to power walk to see all the good stuff and insist on being fed (weird) or other people who just are not patient with my efficient zoo tactics and want to wander aimlessly around the park. Some people. But Cary and I were zoo machines and it was the best day at the zoo ever. Plus I loved seeing all of the crying kids and being like HA! We are having way more fun than you. I am kind of a bad person. But regardless, two thumbs way up. We finished the day off at Chipotle and I loved life a whole lot.
2. CIRQUE DU SOLEIL. Oh my goodness. That is really all that needs to be said. We went to an Air Show earlier in the day, which was also amazing. No wonder that boy wants to be a pilot, it is pretty sweet. It was also about 460 degrees outside. I got a really sexy t-shirt tan and also a huge strawberry lemonade. Success. We went to Cirque du Soleil that night, and it was excellent for several reasons: Uno, I successfully batted my eyelashes and scored us some free parking from the kind of nervous and awkward parking attendant. 2 points for Amy. Dos, one of the performers is one of my dad's patients, so I was like oh hey, I know that guy. No big deal. Tres, the show was amazing, I spent the whole time just in complete awe of what people can do with their bodies. The contortionists were like a combination of disgusting and beautiful. Loved every second of it.

3. Parent's Weekend at Air Force Academy! While I recognize that I am not actually a parent of a cadet, I still got to go see what life is like at the Academy for a day. Cary's math classes made me feel like a 1st grader, and I loved seeing him all dressed up in uniform. So cool. He is basically a big time stud. We went to the football game the next day, and Cary showed off the falcon to many admiring fans. It was really fun, and my fam came along to the football game, and the whole weekend was just beyond great. We went hiking to a gorgeous waterfall on Monday and the whole weekend was just perfection.
4. This last weekend, Cary came out to run a marathon. Confession: I was fairly confident that he was going to die. We got into Logan on Friday night at 2 a.m., and they had to be awake to run at 4 a.m. the next day. Due to an ankle injury, Cary hadn't really been running in the last month. I was fairly confident that I would find him collapsed somewhere near mile 2. I went to the finish line around his goal time and got winded just watching all of the people finish the marathon. I started feeling pretty bad about myself right about when the 68 year old woman crossed the finish line, looking like she'd just completed a little morning jog. As Cary's goal time approached, I started to get nervous that he really was crawling around somewhere abotu 20 miles back. But I think on pure stubborn-ness, at a time of 4:25, I saw my incredibly studly boyfriend cross the finish line! He looked amazing, and I was so proud of him! I spent the rest of the weekend just basking in how lucky I am to be with such an amazing guy and taking care of that cute boy. He was walking like a 99 year old man, and it was so sad slash hilarious. 

And that concludes this monstrous blog post. In conclusion I would like to say that my life is pretty near perfection. : )


  1. Very fun to read, Ames. You are having a great time, aren't you? Thumbs up for cute boyfriends.

  2. You are here right now and I am reading your blog! Some witticisms just come across so much better on a blog than when you tell me the stories. Also, way to go Wilson!