Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Absence makes the heart grow fonder

Hello dear blog-o-sphere! It has indeed been ages since I documented my fabulously interesting life via pictures and witty and captivating rhetoric. Ha. I have just been absolutely swamped lately. Being the least productive person on the entire planet is tough work, but somebody's gotta do it. I last blogged in November, when I was newly engaged, twitterpated with my adorable future husband, and going to school only because I'm not sure what else to do with myself. It is February now, and into a new year, and oh how things have changed. I have now been engaged for approximately 56 years, only about a million more to go, still twitterpated with my adorable future husband, and going to school because if I don't, my family won't love me anymore and I will get kicked out and then I will get depressed and eat a lot and become obese, and then Wilson won't love me either so it is probably in my best interests to tough it out. I have also taken up wedding planning as a hobby, which is coming along swimmingly, except for about once a week when I want to ditch the whole darn thing and elope. My other 2010 activities involve flying home frequently to visit family and husband elect, shamelessly watching the Bachelor and discussing it in detail, trying to learn how to cook, with moderate successes and spectacular failures, and doing as little school work as possible.

Let us briefly recap some of the highlights between November and now.

Christmas Break! Boy was that a spectacular affair. It began with me taking all 5 of my finals in one day. Superwoman. ... Slash I was really over school at this point and just wanted to go home so I didn't care what I got. But miraculously, I got straight As this semester! Suck it, History 201. I flew home to my beloved Colorado, where I started Christmas break right by teaching Wilson to ski! (Translation: Attempting to teach Wilson to ski, and then making him take a ski lesson so that we would stay in love and not kill each other). After the ski lesson, Wils was a champ and was flying down black diamonds. What a trooper. I joined my family out in Utah after a bit and I was, as always, a spoiled little girl at Christmas, and I have been loving my Brita Filter so much, along with plane tickets, a new coat, and b-e-a-utiful diamond earrings from my number one boy toy :). Wilson came out to Utah after Christmas and we spent a week skiing, hot tubbing, eating way too much food, and having a blast. I was impressed with my ability to gain weight while skiing all day every day. I am a champion eater.
Here is a pic of me and Wils skiing as proof that he enjoyed it! He might look like a little bit like an old man in this picture, but he looks like a happy old man. :)
After Christmas break I grudgingly returned back to school. Lame. This semester I have classes which require actual work which I am not too pleased about. But I have managed to have some fantastic times! One weekend when I was stuck in Provo instead of Colorado, I went to a lovely Bridal Show in Salt Lake with some great friends. My friend Melissa is the world's most adorable pregnant woman, and it is a shame that I actually look more pregnant than her in this picture. There were a lot of delicious samples there, so sue me.

Truthfully I am not really a bridal show type of girl, and I was pretty bored of the whole thing until we came across the catering display. Oh sweet bliss. I ate about 90 mini cupcakes. Bliss. After we were stuffed to the brim, we were hit by an out of control car on the highway, and it was about the scariest thing that has ever happened to me. 4 girls in the car- 1 is pregnant, 1 preparing to go on a mission, and 2 engaged- and no one was hurt. It feels good to know that the Big Guy up there has a plan for us, and he's watching out for us. Phew.

This last weekend I went home to Colorado for some much needed quality time with my man. With all of this wedding planning and family reunions and such, we don't spend too much time just hanging out and being best friends. This weekend we did all kinds of things, and it just reminded me over and over again how lucky I am to be marrying that guy. We made tin-foil dinners on Friday, but these were not your average tin-foil dinners. We are talking steak, potatoes, mushrooms, and green onions, with a delicious cream of mushroom sauce. My tastebuds were in heaven. After that, we went out on a limb to go to this improv theater in Broomfield. I'd heard of them, and they are known for clean, "above the belt comedy." This in my brain meant that it was probably going to be lame. Before you go thinking I am a big pervert, I don't enjoy crude humor, but suffice it to say, I had an eyebrow raised in suspicion. (Side note: I can not raise one eyebrow, which continues to be an intense disappointment in my life.) Anywho, much to my delight, it was hilarious! My abs hurt by the end of the night from laughing. It was great, and I would recommend it to any of my homies in Colorado.

In conclusion, I never take pictures. This is a sad thought. I only blog about things I have pictures of, which leads to strange results at times. I am making a blog-resolution to take more pictures, so that I have more variety when choosing what I ramble about on my blog.

Phew this baby is long. I am bored, and I wrote it.

I hereby promise (to be interpreted as: will maybe consider) to make my blog posts more frequent, more picture-full, and more interesting.

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  1. haha- you don't look more pregnant than me! but i'm glad you decided to update your blog! i've missed it so much =))