Thursday, February 18, 2010

My Drug of Choice.

It's been a long day. Things are just not going your way. The world looks grim and bleak and all you want to do is escape from reality. Some people reach for the bottle, some people pop a few pills.

My drug of choice?

The duck pond.

I mean honestly. How can you not think this is cute?

Guys. I really want a pet duck. I don't want anyone saying they smell bad or they bite or they aren't friendly or any of that. All you negative nancies can go rain all over someone else's parade. I seriously want one. I have spent lots of time contemplating stealing one from the duck pond, but that is just not practical. Darn it. Someday I will buy my very own baby duck, and raise it on my own and it will be mine and it will follow me around and I will put a pond in my backyard and we will have a delightful life together.
I mean look at this picture. Does it get any more adorable? The answer is no. Two of my favorite things: Ducks and Wilson :) Oh I just want to live in this picture!
Here I am, enjoying my duck-induced euphoria. Wilson was out here in Utah this past weekend, and it was absolutely amazing! One morning I woke up on the wrong side of the bed in a bad way. Poor Wilson was trying to figure out why in the world I was the most unpleasant person on the planet. The reason remains unknown. Sometimes a girl just has to pout it out! Anywho. In an attempt to get me to stop snarling and baring my teeth at the world, he dragged me on over to the duck pond, to wax nostalgic about our delightful engagement, and to feed those little buddies some stale bagels. I was in heaven. I frequent the duck pond on days where I am feeling blue, and those little guys never fail in cheering me up. Seeing them waddle and frolick about just makes me the happiest camper. My favorite moment is when all of the ducks were in the field, and one of them got a hold of a whole piece of bread. Pandemonium ensued. It was like watching football, only about 900000x more adorable. The poor guy was sprinting down the field with a million angry and quacking ducks on his tail. He would try to stop and choke it down, and they pounced on him! I nearly passed out from the preciousness of it all.

So please, next time life has got you down and you're looking for an escape, pass on the alcohol, put away the spoon for your Ben&Jerry's, and head on over to a duck pond to make your fine feathered friends happy. And you too!

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